Courses and Training

"Safe in a Seaway"

RYA First Aid Course

  • Scenario based, practical first aid training delivered for commercial mariners, RYA qualifications, RYA instructors, recreational sailors and racing fleets
  • Course delivered by registered paramedic and expedition medic Christy Shaffer
  • Problem solving and first aid solutions for an austere, dynamic and remote environment
  • Less PowerPoint, more practical! Exercises, practical demonstrations and group activities for the context of the marine environment
  • We promise to improve your confidence and ability to deliver critical care in an emergency
  • All first aid topics delivered specifically for the context of the marine environment

RYA Accredited First Aid Instruction, R99425 Christy L. Shaffer ยท College of Paramedics, MC Para PA36949, HCPC Registered

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